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Want to receive more qualified traffic? Contact our SEO agency!

We don’t want to offer you a predefined activity package without a real utility. Every one of our SEO consulting services aims to provide your site with quality traffic and to turn simple visitors into customers.

That’s why each of our SEO experts, before starting to work on your website, will listen carefully to your every need and collect the fundamental elements that can guide the next phase of analysis.

Once the data has been collected, our SEO agency in Milan will carry out an assessment of your site and identify any possible activity aimed at improving your organic positioning and consequently increasing the volume of qualified traffic.

Our SEO optimization strategy – 5 key steps

With experience, Instilla has developed a path capable of adapting to all SEO projects and able to bring results of great value. To improve the positioning of your site, our SEO specialists put their experience at your service.

1. Keyword analysis

The first step of the SEO optimization process starts from the study of the keywords you are interested in positioning yourself for. After comparing with you, our SEO consultant will carry out a study of the terms so it will make more sense for your site to position itself.

These will be the keys that will guide the next phase, that of creating content that can respond to specific intentions expressed by users through their own searches.

2. Content creation

The next step after the study of the keywords involves an optimization of the content on the site or, when necessary, the creation of new content. In any case, the objective is to ensure that the contents of each page you want to place are attractive and interesting to users and search engines. For this to happen, we’ll make sure we optimize:

title and meta description (the meta tags that appear in the search results page)
internal page structure
heading (the titles visible within the page and their hierarchy)
textual contents

We use a dense network of collaborators that allows us to take charge, when requested by the customer, even the complete implementation of content, which will be created with the aim of attracting qualified traffic, engage users and stimulate sharing on social as well as spontaneous links to the site.

3. Internal Redesign Links and Site Structure

Proper content structuring is essential to ensure the widest ease of navigation for search engine users and crawlers. That’s why it’s important to make sure you optimize the links on your site, from those in the navigation bar to the links that connect a blog article to another.

As part of this intervention, our SEO agency will ensure to verify the correctness of other key elements for indexing content, such as the robots.txt files and the sitemap. All with the aim of helping search engines to index the pages of your site and users to navigate more easily from one content to another.

4. Technical performance optimization

With the increase in the use of smartphones and mobile navigation, the loading time of a site has become one of the most relevant SEO positioning factors. Instilla will identify the main technical issues that impact on the rendering of your site and will provide you with technical support for their resolution.

5. Link building

Once the different on-page components have been optimized, our SEO specialists can take care of the link building activities, aimed at increasing the number of quality links pointing to your site. Backlinks, if strategically placed within authoritative sites or blogs, are an important factor of SEO positioning and allow to attract qualified traffic.

We at Instilla are experts in assessing the level of trust that Google attributes to each site, and we are able to initiate link building activities that comply with Google’s instructions and are able to drive traffic to the most relevant pages of the site.